Wiki info video and media dialogue

14.01.2023 – Speech and Wiki-stand

Ola Alsvik and Marianne Wiig gave a speech about the Tamil project at at the Pongal festival organised by Annai/ TRVS at Norges Idrettshøyskole in Oslo. A wiki stand was also set up at the festival. The information video about the Tamil project filmed on 06th January 2023 at the National Library of Norway was played at the wiki-stand.

29.01.2023 – Screening of Wiki info video

Info video about Tamil project at Lokalhistoriewiki was screened at the 44th Pongal event of Norway Tamil Sangam. Videography and editing of the info video by Flash Digital Norway.
On screen: Ola Alsvik, research Librarian at National Library of Norway. Marianne Wiig, coordinator of Lokalhistoriewiki at National Library of Norway. Johanne Bergkvist, historian at Oslo City Archives. As well as Vilasini Vamathevan, Nirooja Mathyvathanan and Samaran Vethananthan, who participated at wiki workshops and wrote articles at

At the information meeting on 05th December 2022, Norway Tamil Sangam created an opportunity for the working team of this project to create an information video, and screen it on the Pongal event on 29th January 2023. Making of information video for the Tamil project at Lokalhistoriewiki took place at National Library of Norway on 06th January 2023.

06.02.2023 – Dialogue at Vaseeharan Creation YouTube Channel

Ola Alsvik (Research Librarian at National Library of Norway), and Vilashini Vamethevan and Mathushiya Pirabaharan, who participated at the wiki workshops, participated at a social dialogue at the YouTube channel Vaseeharan Creation. They talked in Norwegian and Tamil about the purpose, importance and activities undertaken in this project.

More info

About the project and its activities and development at Diaspora Tamil Archives:

புதுப்பிப்பு│Update: 04.03.2023

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