• Create resources to raise archive awareness of documentation, preservation, transmission and dissemination.
  • Document, preserve and disseminate Tamil immigration history.
  • Take the initiative and participate in collaborative projects with history teams, archives, libraries and museums, academia, research environment, professional narrators / media and other organisations.



DiasporA Tamil Archives (புலம்பெயர் தமிழ் சுவடிகள் காப்பகம்) is an web based plattform for creating awareness of preservation, transmission and dissemination of Tamil cultural heritage. The plattform is a community archive and a resource center for everyone interested in documentation and archiving. As well as for Tamil community and participatory movements, such as archives, libraries, museums and other organisations.

  • DiasporA Tamil Archives encourages documentation culture and creates archival awareness at social and organisational level.
  • DiasporA Tamil Archives encourages to preserve diverse knowledge.
  • DiasporA Tamil Archives encourages every organisation to appoint a records manager.

Even though the archival awareness posts are based on Norwegian archival law and convey archives of Norwegian Tamils, the content might be useful for all migrated societies as well as diaspora Tamils in other countries.

Archival awareness leads to preservation, access and use of records. When the archival materials are accessible and available for public use, the history will be remembered and will continue to live. Otherwise, the archive will remain unknown and hidden at private homes and lost forever. History will then be forgotten.

“Archive is a love note for the future”

an adaptation of the quote “Metadata is a love note for the future” by activist-archivist Jason Scott

உருவாக்கம்│Creation: 14.08.2020
புதுப்பிப்பு│Update: 06.03.2022