DTA @ Lokalhistoriewiki.no

With your collaboration, we have managed to document a small part of Tamil migration history in Norway! Your contribution is the source and base for the initiative of self-documentation. We are blissful and thankful!

Graphic: “Antony Rajendram” (BK, 2022)

2022 is the year of the 90th birth anniversary of Antony Rajendram.
We are delighted to share that the Rajendram memorial collection is included in the source archive (kjeldearkiv) at Lokalhistoriewiki.no at the National Library of Norway.
So far, the Rajendram memorial collection consists of the following narratives. However, there are yet to come.

The source archive article of “Sherrene Santhiapillai» from the Tamil project, “Et mangfold av historier: norsk-tamilenes historie” (Snøfnuggpalmen; Snowflakeplam), at Lokalhistoriewiki.no enrich the Rajendram memorial collection.

In addition to the Rajendram memorial collection are the following contributions to the DiasporA Tamil Archives included at Lokalhistoriewiki.no:

  • Rice.no is included as a source archive article
  • Niraikutam as a lexical article
  • Appam as a lexical article
  • Collection of photos of appam by Delicious Food P&D
  • Collection of struggle paintings by Painter Maha
  • Photo of Niraikutam by SKV Creation

We are humble for all the received contributions published so far, and the others are yet to be published.

We warmly invite Tamil individuals and organisations to create dialogue, contribution and cooperation to document, preserve and enrich the Tamil-Norwegian cultural heritage. Thus, it is not merely the history of the Tamil diaspora, but a part of the modern history of Norway.

Et mangfold av historier: norsk-tamilenes historie” (Snøfnuggpalmen; Snowflakeplam)


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