What is «ஆவணம்» – 6

Preserving archival materials at archive depot/ archival institution

Archival institutions – few archival terms:
  • Clause (klausul): Prevents access to information subject to the obligation of confidentiality (an article of the Norwegian Archival Law)
  • Access (tilgang): to identify an archive and gain access to archival materials for various use.
  • Ownership (eierskap): The owner and creator of an archive. That can be a private person, an organization or a department.
Two ways to preserve archive at an archive depot/ archive institution:
  1. Handing over (Avlevering)
  2. Depositing (Deponering)
Important benefits to preserve archival materials at an archival institution:
  • Paper-based archival materials will be protected from any natural destruction damage such as water, fire and temperature. Over time, even the temperature and air condition can damage the paper and the writing in a material.
  • Digital materials will be transformed into readable platforms when the technology evolves.
  • Publishing on a website is the first step of creating a record (பதிவேடு). But posting on social media is not creating a record (பதிவேடு). That is sharing your activities with the world. The records on a website can also be shared on social media. These shares let the world know about the activities of you and your organisation. But that is not preservation! Websites can be preserved. But posts on social media are challenging to preserve. Preservation means that the contemporary and future generation can easily find and use the document by searching on a centralised platform or place. Posts on social media and the Internet are like finding something in the ocean.
Preserve at the archival institution? or not?


Picture reference:

புதுப்பிப்பு│Update: 24.11.2021

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