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Wiki-workshop – 29.11.2022, Oslo

Wiki-workshop on Tuesday 29th November 2022 took place at Tamil Resource and Counselling Center in Oslo. Compared to last month, many Tamil organisations in Oslo, and Tamil media services in Norway contributed to information sharing and dissemination about the Tamil project at The working team for the project:  “Et mangfold av historier – norsk-tamilenes historie“ (A diversity of stories: Norwegian-Tamil history) at warmly thank Tamil organisations listed at the bottom for their contribution to information sharing and dissemination. The working team observe that the information of the project is in discourse at their committee level, regardless of whether the information is posted on their social media. We encourage the committees to continue spreading the information to their members.

The article is written based on a telephone interview with a first-generation migrated Tamil (Wiki-team, 29.11.2022)

The working team also observed that the committee at many Tamil organisations lack information on the purpose and aim of this project. The working team humbly request Tamil organisations to cooperate in organising information meetings.

However, Tamil Coordinating Committee, Women Group at Tamil Resource and Counselling Center, Aktive Kvinner i Bjerke and Norway Tamil Sangam responded to our invitation to organise an information meeting with their committee and members. The information meeting with the committee of Norway Tamil Sangam was held on 05th December 2022.

Next wiki workshops @ TRVS building (Oslo), 18:00-20:30 

Wednesday 14.December 2022 
Bring a laptop or iPad for writing

You are possessing a valuable history! We hope you will contribute to documenting and passing it on to future generations.

More info

“Et mangfold av historier: norsk-tamilenes historier” (A diversity of stories: Norwegian-Tamil history) at

You can read more about the project in the journal Notam (May 2022): 

About the project and its activities and development at Diaspora Tamil Archives:

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