Tamil Eelam Liberation Struggle Documents: Part 1

Digital painting: “Karthigai Poo” (Gloriosa Lily, the national flower of Tamil Eelam) for the «Lets educate ourselves» education program. (2020). Designed by Pavidesigns. Published by Tamil Youth Organisation (TYO), United Kingdom. From TYO UK Instagram.

«Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past»

George Orwell3
Graphic: “Karthigai Poo” (Gloriosa Lily, the national flower of Tamil Eelam). (2011). Published by Tamil Youth Organisation (TYO), Norway.

How are the Tamil Eelam liberation struggle documents threatened, destroyed and erased?

  • Restricting ourselves from coming forward to preserve our cultural-historical heritage because of legal barriers in one country or other foreign countries.
  • Restriction of documents contrary to or opposing a particular political policy.
  • Restricting the documents created by others in a society that criticise or point out the issues in a particular political policy.
  • Actions taken in the process of a political activity could have later been re-examined by the leadership itself. The re-examination would have been documented and published. Restriction of these documents by those who follow that policy or others outside that policy.
  • Those who have worked under a political policy might have later stated opposing views or alternative views or criticisms. Thereby an organisation might restrict documents about former activists in that particular organisation.
  • Re-publishers or re-users engrave their logo on a document published by another organisation. They either conceal the original logo or label the document with their own logo in addition to the original logo. This scatters and controls the origin, purpose and context of that document.
  • Media, social media accounts and websites being shut down, attacked and blocked.
  • Others

«Nature is my friend. Life is my teacher of philosophy. History is my guide»

Hon. Veluppillai Prabhakaran 4

History will always guide us! But for history to guide us, it needs to be complete! Thereby, all Tamil organisations are requested to come forward to create a plan to preserve cultural-historical documents in the diaspora and give public access.
Please share with us
your ideas, thoughts and suggestions on how to preserve Tamil documents safely in the diaspora.

To be continued …

Endnotes and references

புதுப்பிப்பு│Update: 29.11.2020

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