Niṟaikuṭam (நிறைகுடம்) means full pot. It is one of Tamil cultural auspicious welcome items that is used as a symbol to show or suggest that future success is likely.

Niṟaikuṭam (நிறைகுடம்) is a pot full of water that has a combed coconut on the top with mango leaves (மாவிலைகள்) in between. It is used as a welcome table at Tamil cultural events and religious ceremonies around the world, including in Norway. On the table, the niṟaikuṭam will be surrounded by other auspicious items like kuttuviḷakku (குத்துவிளக்கு) – oil lamp, ūtupatti (ஊதுபத்தி) – incense, tirunīṟu (திருநீறு) – sacred ash made of cow dung, cantaṉam (சந்தனம்) – sandalwood paste, kuṅkumam (குங்குமம்) – a red powder made of herbs, paṉṉīr (பன்னீர்) – rose water.

Photo: Sajeenthan Parvathythasan, SVK Creation (Jaffna, 2022)

Tamil has a proverb using the term niṟaikuṭam, which is widely used to describe the personality of a person.

“நிறைகுடம் தழும்பாது”
niṟaikuṭam taḻumpātu

It means that the person who has an inner understanding of him or herself will have a state of adequacy. English proverbs such as “Empty vessels make most sound» or “Still waters run deep» have a similar meaning.


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