TYO Norway Motivation Seminar: worldwide Tamils need to come forward to study documentation management

This post is based on the original post on DsporA Tamil Archive Facebook page on 22nd October 2020.

TYO Norway organised their annual motivation seminar for high school students on 21st October 2020 at Tamil Resource and Counseling Center (Tamilsk Ressurs og Veiledning Senter – TRVS) in Oslo. The aim of the seminar is to create a platform to introduce and get familiar with a diversity of opportunities at higher studies in Norway.

It was amazing to see how widespread, resourceful and knowledgeable people Tamil Diaspora has by looking at the diversity of representation of education at the seminar.
They were medicine (medisin), intelligent systems/ digital investigation (intelligente systemer/ digital etterforskning), industrial engineering (byggingeniør), archive science (arkivvitenskap), socionom/ child welfare (Sosionom/ Barnevernspedagog), nutritionist (ernæringsfysiolog), informatics (informatikk), teacher (lærer), industrial economy (industriell økonomi), nursing (sykepleier), jurisprudence (rettsvitenskap).

Photos: TYO Norway (Tamil Youth Organisation Norway) Facebook post (22.10.2020)

Unfortunately, the archive after the Tamil diaspora in Norway is frozen in the 1980s, which tells the story of Tamils as refugees. There is a huge necessity to document and make that documentation available for public access to reflect the 40 and more years of journey of the Tamil Diaspora in Norway. As well as worldwide Tamil Diaspora.

More Tamil students at a worldwide level need to come forward to study documentation management to maintain administrative control and democracy. As well as to protect rights and preserve the sources of the cultural history of their nation. Last but not least, preserve and make available archival sources for research work. That includes the Diaspora Tamil society in all possible ways.

You can find more about the higher study of archive science, and the Norwegian universities that offer them by searching the keyword «Arkiv» at https://sok.samordnaopptak.no/#/admission/6/studies.

Thank you TYO Norway for creating the platform to introduce the higher study of archive science to the Tamil youths.

TYO Norge (Tamil Youth Organization Norway) Facebook post (22.10.2020)

All the very best to all high school students in the journey of higher studies.


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