National bird: Greater coucal

By Mathushiya Pirabaharan and Sambavi Vethanathan

Greater coucal is called shenbagam (செண்பகம்) in Tamil and orientsporegjøk in Norwegian. Both Shenbagam and its subspecies live in India and Southeast Asia. They are slightly larger than crows and have long tails and brown wings. They jump around in the vegetation around Tamil Eelam. Shenbagam’s slow passages and bases are small trees. Its scientific name is Centropus sinesis.


Facts about the bird

Shenbagam eats snails, insects, leeches, frogs, snakes and lizards. As well as eggs and the young of other birds. Their hunting seasons last from February to September. It lays about 3 to 4 eggs and incubates them.

Tamil Eelam

Shenbagam is the national bird of Tamil Eelam. It has been chosen as a national bird, due to its unique characteristics and home-grown lifestyle. Birds usually migrate to survive climate change in their region. Only a few remain in their natural habitat. Shenbagam is such a bird that does not migrate and stays where it belongs.


புதுப்பிப்பு│Update: 19.04.2023

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