DsporA to DiasporA

Part 1

Background history

DsporA to DiasporA

DTA is a platform to raise an archival awareness of preservation, transmission and dissemination of Tamil cultural heritage. It is a resource centre for everyone who is interested and involved in the field of documentation and preservation of Tamil heritage. In addition, this platform is a community and participatory archive[1].

This platform encourages collaborations across Tamil community-based preservation movements conducted by individuals, groups and organisations, as well as the Tamil community and participatory repositories (Tamil archives, libraries and museums). Thus, collaborations will create a network of resources that will protect and celebrate Tamil heritage including diaspora Tamil heritage.

This article will be posted in series to tell the story of the evolution of «DsporA to DiasporA”. The story will be told by explaining the historical and literary background of Tamil documentation culture.

Next part: Phenomenon of diaspora


[1] Community archives are a community-based initiative that involves participatory approaches to document, record and preserve the stories and history that matters and represents a particular interest, belief, group of people, community, ethnicity. Community-based libraries and museums are included in the term “community archive”. They can meet a diverse range of needs of society. Host underrepresented or unrepresented stories. They can tell counter-narratives of marginalized voices. Community archives bridge mainstream and the outside by adapting untraditional approaches in archival practices. They will have a shared power structure and will be community-controlled platforms.


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