“Tamizhi” is a web series of 8 episodes and a music video. This is a documentary production looking at the history behind Tamil script Tamil-Brahmi (Thamizi), nowadays Tamil, Indus Valley Civilisation and Sangam era.

This web series is an example of a historical video documentary based on archival materials and archaeological artefacts. These are the evidential sources for the facts in this web series. This web-based video series is also an example of archival outreach. The final product of the web series become an archival material of the 2019 production of Hip-hop Tamizha and Co.

Conceptualised and directed by: Pradeep Kumar
Narrated: by Hiphop Tamizha
Research and writing: Elango
Cinematography: Lokesh Ilayaa, Balaje Baskaran
Music: Hip-hop Tamizha
Editing: Vinoth, Pradeep Kumar, Sreejith Sarang, Thilakesh Pradesh
Producer: Hiphop Tamizha
Production year: 2019.
Place of production: Tamil Nadu, India

புதுப்பிப்பு│Update: 28.12.2020

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