Bergen Tamil newspaper

Bergen Tamil newspaper was launched in January 2021. The newspaper is published as a monthly magazine regularly on the website The website is also updated with daily news from Norway and other countries.

“Bergen Tamil newspaper” provides a lot of important information and news that is useful for our people.

In 2021, the newspaper was only published as an e-newspaper. Based on the request of many readers who had difficulty reading the newspaper electronically, the newspaper was printed in a small number of samples in a regular format that were distributed in 2022. This became very useful for many. Bergen Tamil newspaper contributes to the people of Norway by getting to know events in Norway. We also tend to arrange arenas where people gather for conversations and the exchange of ideas. The opinions expressed by Tamils show that the newspaper does a good job for our people to get to know Norway.

In October 2022, we held the “Sri Lanka culture and adventure event” for children at the Bergen literature house. We were shown Tamil folk dance and fairy tales for families from many cultures. Local news and information about health were updated on social media and websites. Among other things, we published children’s drawings from the program in our newspaper.

There are more than 12,000 Tamils living in Norway, of which many children and young people are Norwegian Tamils. This group needs to receive information in Norwegian, but there is also an older Tamil generation who do not have a good command of Norwegian. They need information in their mother tongue.

Norway carries a lot of cultures and has integration as one of its focuses. That is why it is important to share the culture with each other. Newspapers in Tamil and simple Norwegian will be a good platform for sharing and updating each other’s culture.

News concerning Norway, government statutes, municipalities, county council information, city council statutes, and infection control measures from the health authority, is some of the most important information that must be understood by everyone.

The newspaper contains important news, as well as cultural contributions from the minority population who live here. This is a platform for sharing literary, cultural, political, health and social contributions with each other.

It contains interviews, conversations, articles and posts from different professionals with current topics that will concern different times.

The e-newspaper’s main aim is to update news and information that concerns us here in Norway, and to contribute to more integration between the different minority groups living in the country, and to take care of Norwegian culture.

The responsible editor is Julius Antonipillai.


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